5 April, 2021No Comments

Rabbit Holes and Conspiracies

The things that own our time own our minds.

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24 February, 2021No Comments

Doing What You Love

Loving what you do is a skill.

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22 February, 20213 Comments

To Default or Design

When we choose to default, we accept how things are as unchangeable. When we choose to design, we commit to developing a vision for the dreams we have.

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5 October, 2020No Comments

Rave On

The thing that always excites me about Monday is an opportunity to start again. It’s not that somehow we came to some finality on Sunday, but it feels like a fresh slate to not repeat the same mistakes from last.

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2 October, 2020No Comments

To Have, and Have Not

"Be Thankful for What You Got"

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1 October, 2020No Comments

The Finish Before the Start

There are so many things we learn when we start doing something for the first time.

We only know if things work once we try them.

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30 September, 2020No Comments


Now, more than ever, with the accessibility of the internet, the availability of ideas, solutions, art, music are abundant.

These things are meant to be shared, or they become like a dream unacted upon.

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29 September, 2020No Comments

There Is No Such Thing In Life as Normal

I had a chat with a new friend this morning. We were discussing how people keep referring to “the new normal”, and many more saying how they wish things would get back to normal.

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28 September, 2020No Comments


We declare that we’ve arrived and that there is more to come.

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