Right or wrong.

Win or lose.

Real or fake.

Succeed or fail.

We constantly find ourselves in these paradigms. They all have a tilt that we can lean into. These choices are ours’ to take, and own. It doesn’t matter that we’re wrong when we learn and grow from it. We can lose, and turn up again tomorrow with a better strategy. We’re all imposters the first time. Failure only exists if we quit and let it define us.

We tilt the balance by showing up and doing. The journey is fluid. Keep moving with intent. We declare that we’ve arrived and that there is more to come. It takes effort to overcome all the voices telling us why we can’t, and why it’s not the time. But “Why not now?” This question rang in my last year upon completing Seth Godin’s altMBA. I wrote it down and I have to remind myself of this every day. I did it before writing this.

As Thomas Fuller said, “all things are difficult before they are easy.”

This will be the hard part, so let’s get started.