Now, more than ever, with the accessibility of the internet, the availability of ideas, solutions, art, music are abundant.

The value is even greater when shared, or they become like a dream unacted upon.

If we were able to monetarily own our thoughts, ideas, and creative expressions, what does that ownership look like? Is it a claim to fame? Recognition? Is there a salary goal in mind? Are we the obstacle in our own successes?

It’s worth asking ourselves, why we do these things, to begin with?

Why is the roadmap, the purpose, the reason behind why we do what we do. When we analyze a person or a business’s reasons for why they do, we find that for some they either can’t tell you, or they draw an equation putting the result before the input - to make money. For others, it may be an intrinsic reason, to make a difference, to solve a problem, to make a contribution.

We should be compensated for our work. Understanding why we do it will help us define the value. When we share ideas they have a greater impact on effecting change. People will argue over the true definition of art, many have said that art is a gift. Is it art if it isn't shared?

I’ve gone on many diatribes regarding the purpose or mission behind the music industry. Major record labels and rights holders seem to be doing everything they can to slow down the spread of music. Whether it's silencing and threatening online DJs during Covid-19 (whilst not providing a solution to do so), and more recently, the UK radio law blocking internet radio stations from outside of the UK to play in the UK on the most commonly used platform, TuneIn. It seems they’d rather people not hear music coming from different sources.

This is a clear example of organizations becoming a bottleneck to the same purpose they look to serve. Or maybe, in this case, it truly isn’t their purpose. Artists have been trying to get more royalties for some time now, with little progress. So what is the music industry’s purpose other than to sell?

When we look at the purpose behind the things we do, and create, our success can be found when they make a connection or a difference. This gift can become a movement with the enrollment of others.

As Simon Sinek says,

people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

Chances are, we’re never going to get rich from many of our ideas or output. When we make a difference and add value in the lives of others, ownership takes on a whole new meaning. When we hoard our ideas or art, we become an obstacle in our own success.

If your purpose is to make money, I wish you the best.

If your purpose is to contribute or further something you love or care about, get out and share your ideas, and gift your art. They’re yours’ to share, and they become more valuable when they reach those that need it most.