I tweeted this back in October, and I realized the legs it had to expand upon.

"Doing what you love is hard. Loving what you do is a skill."

Skills take practice and resilience.

We show what we love by showing up, time and time again. What was our narrative becomes our story, but our story doesn’t have to stay our narrative. It changes by doing and repeating. Let's turn what we have to do into what we get to do. We're remembered for what we've done, we're known for we are and what we're doing.

Are we going to grasp the problem or the opportunity? There's plenty we can't change. The past is certainly one. Let's put our efforts into things we can change.

Start with who we have, and what we have, and grow into what we want (or whatever version of that has manifested). Then we may just experience the joy of loving what we do.

I write and share because these thoughts inspire me to grow, not because I'm right. I hope they inspire you. Have you enjoyed this? I'd love for you to share your thoughts and/or have you share with a friend.

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