It’s quite easy during these times to feel disappointed by everything that we don’t have.

We don’t have the luxuries that so many of us were used to.

Chances are, you’re surrounded by many things. Things that can really add to your joy today, and certainly as we head into the weekend.

For me, I have a room full of records, sounds for almost any emotion I could feel. I have radio and podcasts of people sharing thoughts and opinions that uplift and inspire me. There's a stack of great books I’ve been actively trying to complete, and more I’m looking forward to starting. I have a few TV shows to catch up on. A bottle of wine to enjoy, and hopefully some sunshine to bask in.

I also have plenty I could let sink me emotionally. But I’ll try to be thankful for what I’ve got.

though you may not drive a great big Cadillac
gangsta whitewalls
TV antennas in the back
you may not have a car at all
but remember brothers and sisters
you can still stand tall
just be thankful for what you got

Why it matters? It’s possible to completely overlook great things around you, because of what isn’t. If we meditate on anything long enough, we can make it our mental reality. For the better, and for the worse. (I’m not referring to wishful thinking).

Why spend life miserable with what we have because of what we don’t have? What feels like an obstacle, can be an opportunity. You may get what you want eventually, or you may find a gift you’d completely overlooked at the moment leading to something much greater. We can learn lessons from people that have superpowers despite being deaf or blind.

What do you have that you’re not taking advantage of? What dream in life have you been putting off because you just haven’t had the time?

Ask yourself, “how can I make this situation better with what I have?”

Don’t stop dreaming. Just be thankful for what you’ve got.

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Happy Friday!